About Us

We are Jan and Sina with our sons Ben and Aaron. Jan has been building very individual electric guitars in his free time for many years, often from unusual basic materials. Some extraordinary electric guitars, cigar box guitars and skate guitars have already been created under the "Klingenberg Instruments" label. As part of a kindergarten project with Ben and Aaron, the idea for the can guitar and the sale of kits came up.
We would like to pass on our joy in building, handicrafts and making music to other people.


Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Which can is best for the can guitar?

In our experience, the tin for pizza tomatoes (diameter 7 cm, height 11 cm) is best. But in principle you can also use other doses.

Why isn't the box included?

On the one hand, we find the aspect of upcycling very exciting and do not want to send new, empty tin cans, while every citizen in Germany uses and disposes of an average of 16 cans per year.

In addition, the folding over when closing the lid of the can provides good stability. New, unused cans are therefore not really useful for the can guitar.

Are there canned guitars for left-handers too?

Our kits are all just as suitable for left-handers. The body is then simply screwed the other way around.

Why does standard shipping take 1-2 weeks?

Since we sell the Canned Guitar Kits as a side business (alongside our main jobs), it takes us a few days to process and pack each order. We do our best to ship orders quickly, but we also set healthy limits when it comes to our working hours.


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