In our online shop you can buy simple string instruments to build, design and play yourself. You will also find various accessories, tools and information.

Our kits are ideal as a gift for children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, godchildren and, of course, adult guitar lovers - ideally in combination with the pickup.

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  • Build

    Thanks to the clear instructions and the prepared components, our canned guitars can be assembled from the kit within 30 to 60 minutes. Most households already have the tools you need.

    Youtube playlist "Build a can guitar" 
  • Design

    You can choose your body plate from our large selection of iconic guitar designs and then paint, glue, label and spray as you like. There are no limits to your imagination for your individual can guitar.

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  • Play

    It's child's play to play the first melodies on the can guitar. Three well-known songs are already printed on the instructions to help you get started. You can learn even more songs with our "Canned Guitar Songbook" and our YouTube channel.

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Learning to play the guitar - made easy!

In fact, the canned guitar is by far the fastest way to learn the first basics on the guitar. For every beginner, whether child, teenager or adult, a quick sense of achievement is guaranteed due to the simplification. You could say, "This is the recorder for budding guitarists!"

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